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Company NameEmployees SizeIndustryCountryFounded
365Build Technologies1 - 10Information Technology and ServicesIndia2011
3Ntechnologies1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2016
3One4 Capital11 - 50Venture Capital and Private Equity PrincipalsIndia2015
6D Telecom Solutions201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
8I Creations11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2007
8Om Internet11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2015
99Tests11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2011
A Or B Or C Technologies11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2013
A. I. Solve Solutions201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Aarogyaai11 - 50Medical and Diagnostic LaboratoriesIndia2019
Aavidcode1 - 10Information Technology and ServicesIndia2010
Abda Digital1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Able51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2019
Acciojob51-200Higher EducationIndiaNA
Accrete Globus Technolog [P] Limited201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Adapt.Io11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Adcount Technologies11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2015
Advensure1 - 10Travel ArrangementsIndia2016
Adyzee51-200Information ServicesIndia2017
Aec Logic11 - 50Civil EngineeringIndiaNA
Aeroleads11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Aetherius Infosolutions1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2013
Agaram Infotech201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2010
Agency Platform201-500Advertising ServicesIndia2003
Agilean Solutions1 - 10Information Technology and ServicesIndia2016
Agilex Tech Solutions1 - 10TelecommunicationsIndiaNA
Agricxlab11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Agriya51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2000
Aguai Solutions11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Aikon Labs11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2009
Aiotf.Io11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2019
Airwoot1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2012
Algoleap201-500Software DevelopmentIndia2021
Algosales1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2021
Alium1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2019
Alphabricks Technologies11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2010
Ameyo501-1,000Software DevelopmentIndia2003
Amplifi1 - 10Business Consulting and ServicesIndia2015
Andale51-200Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Answercart1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Answerwise1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Anvaya Analytics LabNANAIndiaNA
Appiva Software1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Appkodes51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2008
Applane51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2009
Applaunchpad1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2016
Appler1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Applop Mobile Solutions11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Appnomic51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2006
Apptuse1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndiaNA
Appworks Technologies11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Appx201-500Technology, Information and InternetIndia2020
Apsed1 - 10E-Learning ProvidersIndia2018
Arch Analytics11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Archeplay Software1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2020
Argali Knowledge Services201-500Consumer ServicesIndiaNA
Arkbel Innovations1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2013
Arrow Ai11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Arrowsight51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2022
Arsym Consulting11 - 50Business Consulting and ServicesIndia2011
Asanify11 - 50Human Resources ServicesIndia2019
Aselector Interactive Decision Trees11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Ask.Careers11 - 50Education Administration ProgramsIndia2016
Astra Security51-200Computer and Network SecurityIndia2018
Atatus11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2014
Aurumusica Llp1 - 10MusiciansIndia2019
Authmetrik1 - 10Data Security Software ProductsIndia2019
Authorgen Technologies201-500Online Audio and Video MediaIndiaNA
Autochat.Io1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Avancer Software Solutions11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2009
Avenue Growth11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2019
Avocado Care Cosmetology11 - 50Hospitals and Health CareIndiaNA
Awacs51-200Market ResearchIndia2007
Baaz11 - 50RetailIndia2020
Backbuckle.Io1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Bagmo11 - 50Medical Equipment ManufacturingIndia2016
Banyan11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2015
Bdb.Ai51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Beacon Analytics51-200Business Consulting and ServicesIndia2007
Beganto Software Solutions11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Beon Systems1 - 10Design ServicesIndia2006
Bewell Digital1 - 10Hospitals and Health CareIndia2021
Bharatpe201-500Financial ServicesIndia2018
Bicycle Ai11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2016
Birlasoft10,001+IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Biscoot11 - 50NAIndiaNA
Bitdeal51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Bitla Software201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2007
Bizbee11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Bizsol Erp11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2011
Black White Orange11 - 50Advertising ServicesIndia2015
Bluebanyan Technologies11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Blume Ventures11 - 50Venture Capital and Private Equity PrincipalsIndia2011
Bodhi Learning Labs11 - 50Hospitals and Health CareIndia2015
Bookmyforex51-200Financial ServicesIndia2012
Bookmyseat11 - 50Facilities ServicesIndia2019
Botcode51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2007
Brandidea Consultanc201-500Consumer ServicesIndiaNA
Brandmaxima11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2018
Brightpodapp11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Bugclipper 2.01 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2014
Buildabazaar51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2011
Buildsupply51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Business Nonstop Private Limted201-500Consumer ServicesIndiaNA
Business Sense Technology1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2020
Businessnext1,001-5,000Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Busyowners.Com1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Byg 51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2015
Byju'S10,001+E-Learning ProvidersIndiaNA
Cadence Data Soft1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2008
Cadet1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2017
Calypsu 11 - 50Design ServicesIndia2019
Canishub 1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2017
Canumeet 1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Canvass Inc.11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2011
Capace Software201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Capillary Technologies501-1,000IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2012
Capillary Technologies501-1,000IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2012
Caredata Infomatics51-200Hospitals and Health CareIndia2016
Careerty Informatics1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2014
Caring Elders Technology1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Cariq11 - 50NAIndia2013
Cartisan11 - 50Motor Vehicle ManufacturingIndia2015
Carx.Io51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2015
Casa Brands India51-200ManufacturingIndia2012
Casa Retail Ai11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Cashbook App11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2020
Castiko1 - 10E-Learning ProvidersIndia2015
Catapooolt1 - 10FundraisingIndia2013
Cavintek11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2011
Cedron Software Solutions51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Celexsa Technologies51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2010
Celoxis51-200Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Centrahub Crm501-1,000Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Chatcamp1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Cirrologix Technologies51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2012
Civilcops11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Claire.Ai1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Clappia11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Classic Informatics51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2002
Classpro1 - 10Education Administration ProgramsIndia2011
Classvita11 - 50Education Administration ProgramsIndia2016
Clawlab1 - 10Information Technology and ServicesIndia2014
Clinchpad TechnologiesNAInformation Technology and ServicesIndiaNA
Clinconsent11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Clinicia For Business11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Clofus Innovations201-500Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics ManufacturingIndiaNA
Clogeny TechnologiesNAIT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Cloud Analogy501-1,000IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Cloud Pencils11 - 50NAIndia2015
Cloudcherr Anal Tics201-500Consumer ServicesIndiaNA
Clouderizer1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Cloudinfra11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2012
Cloudmantra11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2012
Cloudphysician201-500Hospitals and Health CareIndia2017
Cloudworx11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2019
Clubyantra1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Clusterzap11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2014
Cmercury11 - 50Marketing ServicesIndia2016
Cnergyis Infotech India201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2000
Coalition House1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Coaspect1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Codera Technologies11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2010
Coditas501-1,000IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2014
Cogniphi Technologies51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Cogso Technologies11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2020
Commonfloor.Com501-1,000Technology, Information and InternetIndia2007
Companyhub Crm11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Conifer Labs11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Connectplus1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Contify201-500Software DevelopmentIndia2009
Contus Tech501-1,000IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2008
Convosight51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2019
Coologeex Technology Solutions1 - 10Information Technology and ServicesIndia2018
Corefactors11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2013
Corpassist Services1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Correst1 - 10Advertising ServicesIndia2017
Couture.Ai11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Coworkingnext1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Cr2 Technologies11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2007
Craftmycv1 - 10Staffing and RecruitingIndia2020
Creative Web Graphic Solutions11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Creatosaurus 1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2018
Credfic11 - 50Financial ServicesIndia2017
Creditvidya51-200Financial ServicesIndia2012
Criar Solutions1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Crib11 - 50Real EstateIndia2021
Cropin201-500Technology, Information and InternetIndia2010
Crowd4Test1 - 10Information Technology and ServicesIndia2015
Crowdfire11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
C-Square201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2002
Ctrls Datacenters Ltd1,001-5,000IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2008
Cureinstant11 - 50Wellness and Fitness ServicesIndia2015
Customer Guru1 - 10Business Consulting and ServicesIndia2014
Customer36011 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2013
Customfit.Ai1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2019
Cutshort11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2015
Cuztomise11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Cvviz11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Dã¼Bverse11 - 50Online Audio and Video MediaIndia2021
Dailyninja51-200Internet Marketplace PlatformsIndia2015
Dakiyaa1 - 10Printing ServicesIndia2012
Dashfrugal11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2021
Dassault Systemes Solutions Lab1,001-5,000Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Data Sutram11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Data View Systems11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2008
Dataone Innovation Labs1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Datoin11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Dazzletoday1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2015
Dcirrus11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2018
Dealmirror1 - 10Advertising ServicesIndiaNA
Delhivery10,001+Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and StorageIndia2011
Deliforce 11 - 50Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and StorageIndia2018
Delium Technologies1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Demandsage 2.01 - 10Data Infrastructure and AnalyticsIndia2021
Desklog 201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2009
Dev Technosys51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2010
Devnagri11 - 50Translation and LocalizationIndia2020
Dholi'S Farm 2 Kitchen Llp51-200Consumer ServicesIndiaNA
Dhruvsoft Services51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2009
Digicuro11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Digio.In11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2016
Digiqc11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2019
Digital Cfo51-200NAIndia2014
Diligent Force Labs India11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2014
Dingg11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2018
Dion Global Solutions Ltd51-200Information Technology and ServicesIndia1994
Docengage11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2013
Docircuits11 - 50Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics ManufacturingIndia2012
Doctorkepaas11 - 50Hospitals and Health CareIndiaNA
Domy Innovations Cafe11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2012
Doselect51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Dot Slash Community51-200Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Doublespring Media1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Dquip Crm11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2009
Dressire1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2013
Drishtant Consultancy Services1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Drona Pay11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2021
Dsmenu1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Dsquare Solutions11 - 50Information ServicesIndia2009
Dsyh11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Dwizzy51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
E Biz Info Solutions11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Ea Espot201-500Consumer ServicesIndiaNA
Easemygst11 - 50Financial ServicesIndia2017
Easethebiz11 - 50Legal ServicesIndiaNA
Easocare1 - 10Hospitals and Health CareIndia2019
Easybot.Chat51-200Information Technology and ServicesIndia2019
Easycloud Consultants11 - 50Legal ServicesIndia2014
Easygov51-200Civic and Social OrganizationsIndia2015
Easyleadz11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2016
Easyops Technologies1 - 10Information Technology and ServicesIndia2015
Easyrewardz Software Services201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2011
Ebenezer Clinic1 - 10NAIndiaNA
Ebhasha Setu11 - 50Translation and LocalizationIndia2016
Ecampus11 - 50E-Learning ProvidersIndia2018
Ecampus11 - 50E-Learning ProvidersIndia2018
Eckovation51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2014
Ecourierz11 - 50Freight and Package TransportationIndia2015
Edgeneural.Ai1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Edify By Winuall51-200Consumer ServicesIndia2019
Edmingle11 - 50E-Learning ProvidersIndia2016
Educba11 - 50E-Learning ProvidersIndia2008
Edutor Technologies51-200E-LearningIndia2010
Eduzilla11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2012
Effitrac Solutions51-200Information Technology and ServicesIndia2012
Eifloc11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
E-Junkie1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Ekincare51-200Wellness and Fitness ServicesIndia2015
Elasticscalability1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2010
Eleopard51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2011
Emds Noida Hiring501-1,000Hospitals and Health CareIndiaNA
Emotify1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndiaNA
Employastar51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Employwise51-200Human Resources ServicesIndia1999
Emportant Hrms & Payroll201-500Human Resources ServicesIndiaNA
Enbi Software Solutions201-500NAIndiaNA
Enclouden11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Engage Apps11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2019
Engagelyee Technologies1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2016
Enggonline51-200E-Learning ProvidersIndia2005
Engineerbabu201-500Software DevelopmentIndia2014
Enpower1 - 10Education Administration ProgramsIndia2016
Entranceforms1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2024
Epaathsala1 - 10Education ManagementIndiaNA
Epoise Systems.NASoftware DevelopmentIndiaNA
Epostbook1 - 10Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and StorageIndia2020
Equatexy11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2020
Erpnext51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Eseely1 - 10Advertising ServicesIndia2019
Eshiksa Technology Services51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Esparkbiz201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2010
Esthan11 - 50Public Relations and Communications ServicesIndia2018
Esthenos Technologies11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2015
Eulogik1 - 10Information Technology and ServicesIndia2007
Eumentis11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Expertrec Custom Search Engine11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2014
Explorex51-200Food and Beverage ServicesIndia2020
Eywa Media InnovationsNANAIndiaNA
F5 Club1 - 10Wellness and Fitness ServicesIndia2015
Fabrik1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2017
Factohr 201-500Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Fame Ms1 - 10Advertising ServicesIndia2018
Famepilot Internet11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2018
Farmart51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2015
Farmerp51-200Information Technology and ServicesIndia2001
Fedo.Ai11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2018
Feedback App 1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Fexle Services51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Fieldez Technologies51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2011
Fieldmi Technologies11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Financial Trade Game11 - 50Mobile Gaming AppsIndiaNA
Finbox51-200Financial ServicesIndia2015
Fingage1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2017
Firmzen1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2012
Five Elements Business SolutionsNAHospitals and Health CareIndiaNA
Fizzy Softwares1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2007
Flendzz11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Fliqaindia11 - 50PhotographyIndia2019
Flockone 11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Fluid Ai51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2009
Flujo11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2019
Followclass1 - 10Education Administration ProgramsIndia2016
Foore Data Labs11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Foradian Technologies11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2009
Foradian Technologies11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2009
Forbinary11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2016
Foreantech1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Formcept11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2011
Fortigo Network Logistics51-200Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and StorageIndia2015
Frapl51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2017
Freestand Sampling11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2019
Freight Tiger51-200Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and StorageIndia2014
Freightwalla51-200Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and StorageIndia2016
Frontend Rank1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Frslabs11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2010
Fss1,001-5,000Financial ServicesIndia1991
Futuregenappsemart1 - 10Information Technology and ServicesIndia2018
Fynzo Survey1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2018
Gain Erp201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Gaininsights201-500Information Technology and ServicesIndia2012
Gallabox11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2020
Galleri551-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2015
Geedesk Technologies11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Geekspoc It Services1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Get My Parking51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Giftcardsindia.In11 - 50RetailIndia2010
Gladminds Solutions11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2018
Gnani.Ai51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Gokwik201-500Software DevelopmentIndia2020
Goldsetu51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndiaNA
Gooddot201-500Food and Beverage ServicesIndia2016
Goodflow11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Goodworklabs51-200Information Technology and ServicesIndia2013
Grabonrent51-200Consumer GoodsIndia2015
Grademojo11 - 50Education Administration ProgramsIndia2017
Gray Matrix51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2003
Greengst51-200Financial ServicesIndia2015
Greytip Software201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia1994
Gridstone Research51-200Financial ServicesIndia2005
Growth Hackers51-200Advertising ServicesIndia2017
Gten:Global Testing Experts11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Handytrain11 - 50E-LearningIndia2015
Happy Visitor11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2013
Happylocate51-200Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and StorageIndia2016
Happynation_Jubi.Ai11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Hashtag Loyalty11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2014
Hawk Survey1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2018
Head Digital Works501-1,000Internet PublishingIndia2005
Healthplix201-500Technology, Information and InternetIndia2014
Healthqik11 - 50Hospitals and Health CareIndia2016
Healthspace1 - 10NAIndia2018
Helical It Solutions51-200Information Technology and ServicesIndia2013
Helloverify501-1,000Security and InvestigationsIndia2012
Hexagen Technologies11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Hexahealth201-500Hospitals and Health CareIndia2021
Heymojo1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Hfactor11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Hfn51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2016
Hometriangle11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2014
Honey Enterprise1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndiaNA
Hopsticks11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2019
Hotify Inc.11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Hrapp Activity Tracker11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Hrstop.Com51-200Human Resources ServicesIndia2012
Hsipl 51-200Events ServicesIndia2016
Huddleup11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Hummingbird Digital51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2005
Hurixdigital501-1,000IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Hyperflux SolutionsNAIT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Ibsfintech 51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2006
Icliniq 11 - 50Wellness and Fitness ServicesIndia2010
Ideabridge11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2014
Ideal Analytics Solutions11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2010
Idealinvent51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2005
Igauge11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2017
Ikarus11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Ikure Techsoft11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2010
Imanagemyhotel11 - 50HospitalityIndia2015
Immidart Technologies Llp51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Inclick1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Indiamls11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Indusface201-500Computer and Network SecurityIndia2012
Industryprime11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2016
Infibeam501-1,000IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2007
Infilect51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Infinite Open Source Solutions Llp51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2009
Infiniti71 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2018
Infisecure11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Infomicrofin1 - 10Financial ServicesIndia2017
Ingage Technologies51-200NAIndia2012
Injoos1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2007
Inquirly Technologies11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Insights Alley1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2018
Insta Health SolutionsNANAIndiaNA
Insync Solutions51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2006
Intellect Design Arena Ltd5,001-10,000Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Intellika Hitech Systems51-200Information Technology and ServicesIndia2012
Interviewbuddy11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Intouchapp11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Inure Soft51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Invitereferrals51-200Advertising ServicesIndia2011
Invoay11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Invoid51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Iorta Technology Solutions51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Iphawk1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2019
Iqsoftwares11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2014
Isharp11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2004
Itours Operator Software11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2010
Jkl Technologies1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2012
Jobsfrontier.Com1 - 10Human ResourcesIndia2018
Jombay51-200Human Resources ServicesIndia2010
Joojip Technologies1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Jukebox Studio11 - 50MusiciansIndia2014
Jumpstart Innovations1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2022
June SoftwareNASoftware DevelopmentIndiaNA
Juntrax11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Juspay501-1,000Software DevelopmentIndia2012
Justdakhila.Com11 - 50Education Administration ProgramsIndia2015
Justdial10,001+IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia1996
Kaira Software11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2006
Kaitsta Technologies1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Kapture Cx201-500Technology, Information and InternetIndia2011
Keito11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndiaNA
Keka Hr501-1,000Human Resources ServicesIndia2015
Kenyt.Ai51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Ketera Software India201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Khatabook51-200Financial ServicesIndia2018
Kievents1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2016
Kiwi1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2020
Klg Systel201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia1991
Knolzone1 - 10NAIndia2010
Kobster ENANAIndiaNA
Kohbee11 - 50NAIndia2021
Konnect Insights51-200NAIndiaNA
Krab1 - 10NAIndia2020
Kreato Crm11 - 50NAIndia2015
Kreyon Systems11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndiaNA
Krishibox1 - 10NAIndia2017
Kriyo 11 - 50Education ManagementIndia2017
Kurativz Technologies1 - 10NAIndia2016
Kvp Business Solutions51-200NAIndiaNA
Kwikadd Outdoor Advertising11 - 50NAIndia2013
L&T Technology Services10,001+Engineering ServicesIndiaNA
Lancify1 - 10NAIndiaNA
Latentview Analytics1,001-5,000Business Consulting and ServicesIndia2006
Lavelle Networks51-200NAIndia2015
Leado1 - 10NAIndia2016
Leadprime11 - 50NAIndia2010
Leadshuttle11 - 50NAIndia2017
Leadsquared1,001-5,000Software DevelopmentIndia2011
Learnyst11 - 50NAIndia2015
Legalxgen Software Solution11 - 50NAIndia2015
Leo Softwares1 - 10NAIndiaNA
Lerp11 - 50NAIndia2018
Letsign1 - 10NAIndia2018
Lifetree Convergence Ltd201-500NAIndiaNA
Linkcards1 - 10NAIndia2017
Linkmysport1 - 10NAIndia2013
Lio11 - 50NAIndia2020
Little Internet201-500Consumer ServicesIndia2015
Llama Technologies SolutionsNAFreight and Package TransportationIndiaNA
Loadshare Networks201-500NAIndia2017
Lobb Logistics51-200NAIndia2015
Localguy1 - 10NAIndia2016
Locanix11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Loginext201-500Software DevelopmentIndia2014
Logotron1 - 10NAIndia2018
Loktra11 - 50NAIndia2016
Loves Cloud11 - 50NAIndia2017
Lti 10,001+IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Lukonet11 - 50NAIndia2008
M2Mlogger11 - 50NAIndia2013
Maia Intelligence11 - 50NAIndia2006
Mailget 11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2009
Mailnest11 - 50NAIndia2020
Mails Daddy Software51-200NAIndia2015
Makonis201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Managesmart.Ai11 - 50NAIndia2015
Manch Technologies11 - 50NAIndia2017
Mangoblogger.Com 1 - 10NAIndia2017
Maple Crm Software11 - 50NAIndia2012
Markace11 - 50NAIndia2009
Marketxpander Services51-200Advertising ServicesIndia2011
Markteq Wms1 - 10NAIndia2015
Maruti 3Pl11 - 50NAIndia2013
Master Equation1 - 10NAIndia2010
Masters India51-200NAIndia2016
Matrix Partners India11 - 50NAIndia2006
Matrubharti11 - 50NAIndia2015
Mavenvista Technologies51-200NAIndia2000
Maximojo11 - 50NAIndia2011
Meddco51-200Hospitals and Health CareIndia2018
Medimojo1 - 10NAIndia2015
Megtag Technologies1 - 10NAIndia2016
Menu Order Online Business11 - 50NAIndia2016
Merlin Tech Labs1 - 10NAIndia2017
Merrchant.Com11 - 50NAIndia2017
Metafact1 - 10NAIndia2017
Metrosmith1 - 10NAIndia2012
Microworld Technologies51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia1993
Mind Your Fleet11 - 50NAIndia2014
Mindset Software Technologies11 - 50NAIndia2013
Mindstack Technologies11 - 50NAIndia2015
Missing Stack1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2015
Mobile Application Testers11 - 50NAIndia2011
Mobileoffize1 - 10NAIndia2017
Mobivite NANAIndiaNA
Multplyr1 - 10NAIndia2018
Mygate1,001-5,000Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Myhiringbox1 - 10NAIndia2015
Mysuperbrain11 - 50NAIndia2011
Naico Its51-200NAIndia2005
Navayuga Infotech51-200NAIndia1997
Ncoresoft Technologies11 - 50NAIndia2016
Net Purists201-500NAIndiaNA
Net4Nuts Limited11 - 50NAIndia2000
Netcore Cloud1,001-5,000Marketing ServicesIndia1998
Netobjex51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Netsaps Softwares1 - 10NAIndia2017
Neutreum1 - 10NAIndia2018
Newgen Software1,001-5,000Software DevelopmentIndia1992
Nexivo Consulting11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2017
Nexweave11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2020
Nifty Window11 - 50NAIndiaNA
Niit Technologies Limited5,001-10,000Information Technology and ServicesIndia2004
Nikola Tech11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2014
Niqotin1 - 10NAIndia2008
Niswey11 - 50NAIndia2011
Nivahata1 - 10NAIndia2018
Nixsol India.51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Nokdin1 - 10NAIndia2019
Noticeboard11 - 50NAIndia2016
Novateur Technology Solutions11 - 50NAIndia2009
Novatium Solutions11 - 50NAIndia2004
Ntalents.Ai11 - 50NAIndia2017
Nuacem Ai51-200NAIndia2016
Nukkad Shops51-200NAIndia2016
Numocity11 - 50NAIndia2018
Nxtspark11 - 50NAIndiaNA
Oas36Ty 11 - 50NAIndia2019
Oditly1 - 10NAIndiaNA
Officepulse.In11 - 50NAIndia2017
Ohoshop1 - 10NAIndia2016
Onedigistore1 - 10NAIndia2014
Oneintegral1 - 10NAIndia2019
Oneryder11 - 50NAIndia2015
Onething Design51-200NAIndia2015
Onpage Champ1 - 10NAIndia2019
Open Financial Technologies201-500Financial ServicesIndia2017
Open Futures Group51-200NAIndia2001
Opexworks Solutions11 - 50NAIndia2013
Opteamize Cloud Solutions.11 - 50Advertising ServicesIndia2013
Optra 11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2009
Opusviz.Com11 - 50NAIndia2013
Orange Dice Solutions11 - 50NAIndia2010
Orbo.Ai11 - 50NAIndia2019
Orgtraq11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2019
Ourinitiative Media1 - 10NAIndia2015
Outdo Inc.11 - 50NAIndiaNA
Owlgrin1 - 10NAIndia2013
Ozone Media51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2006
P3 Infotech1 - 10NAIndia2009
Param.Ai11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2017
Parque1 - 10NAIndia2016
Partner Horsepower11 - 50NAIndia2017
Pathfinder Clinic1 - 10NAIndia2010
Paytm Creditmate51-200Financial ServicesIndia2018
Peerxp11 - 50NAIndia2019
Penpencil Company11 - 50NAIndiaNA
Persistent Systems10,001+IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Phonologies11 - 50NAIndia2001
Pickcel Digital Signage11 - 50NAIndia2014
Piggyride11 - 50NAIndia2019
Pinaack Solutions11 - 50NAIndia2014
Pipebagger11 - 50NAIndia2015
Pipemonk11 - 50NAIndia2013
Pixpa11 - 50NAIndia2013
Planfirma Technologies11 - 50NAIndia2011
Plansform1 - 10NAIndia2017
Playlyfe1 - 10NAIndia2014
Plumb511 - 50IT System Custom Software DevelopmentIndia2013
Plushvie11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Pocket5251-200Computer GamesIndia2017
Possier.Com1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2022
Postdot TechnologiesNASoftware DevelopmentIndiaNA
Practo5,001-10,000Hospitals and Health CareIndia2008
Prescribenext Technologies1 - 10Wellness and Fitness ServicesIndia2017
Prime Venture Partners11 - 50Venture Capital and Private Equity PrincipalsIndia2011
Privatecircle51-200Financial ServicesIndia2015
Probus Smart Things11 - 50Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics ManufacturingIndia2017
Procflo Technologies11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Proctrix11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Proditech Solutions11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2009
Profitbooks11 - 50AccountingIndia2012
Profoundis51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2012
Prognoadvisor11 - 50Financial ServicesIndia2012
Prohance51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2010
Projectboard By Flowpot11 - 50Business Consulting and ServicesIndiaNA
Pro1 - 10Legal ServicesIndia2016
Promobi Technologies51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2013
Propgod Services11 - 50Real EstateIndia2014
Prophesee11 - 50Advertising ServicesIndia2014
Prospus51-200Information Technology and ServicesIndia2008
Pure Ites Limited 11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Purpledocs11 - 50Hospitals and Health CareIndia2010
Qandle11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Qdesq51-200Real EstateIndia2015
Quantmagnum Technologies1 - 10Investment ManagementIndiaNA
Quantta Analytics11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2012
Quark Experiences1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Queuebuster Pos51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Queueme1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2016
Quikmile11 - 50Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and StorageIndia2018
Quintype Technologies51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2014
Quixy51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2019
Quodeck Technologies51-200E-LearningIndia2017
Qwikstudios11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2020
Railsfactory51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2006
Ramco Systems1,001-5,000Software DevelopmentIndia1997
Rankwatch51-200Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Rankz1 - 10Advertising ServicesIndiaNA
Raos Infosoft Join11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2008
Rategain501-1,000Software DevelopmentIndia2004
Razorpay1,001-5,000Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Razorpay Pos201-500Financial ServicesIndiaNA
Razorsign51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Reach Accountant11 - 50AccountingIndiaNA
Rebid51-200Business Intelligence PlatformsIndia2020
Recordskeeper 1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Recosense Labs Inc11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2014
Recotap Abm Platform11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Recruvia1 - 10Legal ServicesIndia2017
Recurrex11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Recykal.Com201-500Technology, Information and InternetIndia2017
Red Panda Innovation Labs51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2011
Redblacktree51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2002
Redbus501-1,000Technology, Information and InternetIndia2006
Redquanta11 - 50Business Consulting and ServicesIndia2010
Redsky Technologies11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Referralyogi1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Refiral51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2014
Reko Social1 - 10Information Technology and ServicesIndia2018
Rentomojo501-1,000Internet PublishingIndia2014
Report Bee11 - 50Internet PublishingIndia2010
Restogro1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2019
Retainly Technologies1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Return On Web51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2010
Revolo Infotech51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Rezo.Ai51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2018
Rigel Networks201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2004
Right Infotech Solutions11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Rightvendors1 - 10ConstructionIndia2016
Riskcovry51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Rizer11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2020
Robust Designs11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Roundglass Cross11 - 50Hospitals and Health CareIndia2014
Runo51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2019
Rupifi51-200Financial ServicesIndia2020
Saarthi.Ai51-200Information Technology and ServicesIndia2017
Saasfocus201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Sagacito Technologies51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Salarybox51-200Financial ServicesIndia2020
Sales Development Solutions11 - 50Business Consulting and ServicesIndia2014
Salesbabu Business Solutions11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2006
Saleshandy51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Salesmask Techsystems1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Salespanda11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2013
Salesx.Io1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Samaaro11 - 50Events ServicesIndia2020
Saneforce51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2002
Sanovi51-200Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Sarvasv Technologies1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2009
Sassy Studios1 - 10Wellness and Fitness ServicesIndia2015
Satinos11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2011
Satsure51-200Space Research and TechnologyIndia2017
Sawo Labs11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Scalefusion51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2014
Schoollog51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Scora Technologies11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Searchlight Health51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2014
Searchtap11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Segmentone1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2017
Selectdine1 - 10Food and Beverage ServicesIndia2017
Shephertz Technologies51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2010
Shipdesk11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2014
Shiplyst11 - 50Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and StorageIndia2017
Shiprocket501-1,000Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and StorageIndia2012
Shiprocket501-1,000Technology, Information and InternetIndia2012
Shopnix11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2012
Shoppiko11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Shopr36051-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Sidebar1 - 10Business Consulting and ServicesIndiaNA
Signalx.Ai11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2018
Silicon HouseNASoftware DevelopmentIndiaNA
Simplify360201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2012
Simplydonor1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Site Hosting Club 1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2019
Sixerclass1 - 10Education Administration ProgramsIndia2016
Sketchbubble11 - 50Design ServicesIndia2014
Skolaro 201-500Education Administration ProgramsIndia2012
Skycliffer Technologies201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2018
Skyrand Technologies1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Skyserve11 - 50Defense and Space ManufacturingIndia2020
Sl It Solutions11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2014
Slick Account11 - 50AccountingIndia2013
Slingloft1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Smartmegh Solutions51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2012
Smugglr11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Snaphrm 11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Snapivite International11 - 50Events ServicesIndia2018
Social Cube1 - 10Online Audio and Video MediaIndia2018
Social Munkee1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2012
Socialdocs1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndiaNA
Socialfrontier Inc11 - 50Advertising ServicesIndia2016
Sociohub11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2019
Softborne Technology Solutions11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Softtech Engineers Ltd501-1,000Software DevelopmentIndia1996
Solidtrust Technologies1 - 10Industrial Machinery ManufacturingIndiaNA
Solvio11 - 50Research ServicesIndia2019
Sonata Software5,001-10,000IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia1986
Songpoem Labs1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2018
Soptle11 - 50Financial ServicesIndia2022
SosioNAInformation Technology and ServicesIndiaNA
Sowemo Tech11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2019
Spacebasic11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Sparse Labs1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2014
Speedbox11 - 50Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and StorageIndia2015
Spexy.Co1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2012
Sphinx Solutions201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2010
Spoors11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2013
Spring Edge11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2014
Sprintcube1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2018
Spyne51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2018
Squats51-200Health, Wellness and FitnessIndia2015
Srijan Capital11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2011
Stanch Co11 - 50Business Consulting and ServicesIndia2012
Startez1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2015
Startupflux11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Statosphere Technology1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Stelae Technologies1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Storehippo51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2014
Stratagem Software Services1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2001
Stribr1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2014
Strides Software Solutions11 - 50Hospitals and Health CareIndia2010
Student Tribe11 - 50Higher EducationIndia2015
Styledotme Fashion And LifestyleNASoftware DevelopmentIndiaNA
Suitestation 11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2005
Sulekha1,001-5,000Technology, Information and InternetIndia2007
Sulopa11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2011
Sumhr11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Sumopayroll11 - 50Human Resources ServicesIndia2015
Sumtracker.Com1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2020
Sunoray Solutions11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Sunwiz TechNASoftware DevelopmentIndiaNA
Superprofs.Com11 - 50E-LearningIndia2010
Supersourcing201-500Technology, Information and InternetIndia2020
Superwise 11 - 50ConstructionIndia2016
Supplynote51-200Food and Beverage ServicesIndia2015
Surewaves Mediatech51-200Advertising ServicesIndia2006
Survaider11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2016
Suryodya1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2014
Sutra Services51-200Human Resources ServicesIndia2007
Swaas Systems51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2008
Swipe51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2021
Synage SoftwareNAIT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Synapptra Technologies11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Synaptic51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2016
Syncq 1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Synergyconnect Data Innovations51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Systems Dynamics11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia1986
Systimanx It Solutions11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2007
Taaraka11 - 50Consumer ServicesIndia2018
Takeup11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2017
Talentbridge Technologies11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2008
Talentrackr Technologies11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2009
Talisma501-1,000Software DevelopmentIndia1999
Talkadoc1 - 10Health, Wellness and FitnessIndia2016
Tango Eye11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Tapchief51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2016
Taprint Technologies201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Tapzo51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2015
Teachoo11 - 50E-LearningIndia2014
Teamlease Services Limited1,001-5,000Staffing and RecruitingIndia2002
Techlernado Technologies1 - 10E-Learning ProvidersIndia2022
Techflux1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Techforce Infotech11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Techimo11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2018
Technical Cloud Knowledge1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Technoplanet Enterprise11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Techpillar1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Tectura India1,001-5,000IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2001
Tenup Software Services51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2018
Tera11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2018
Testsigma51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2019
Testunity51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Texperia1 - 10Human Resources ServicesIndia2020
Tezminds Software11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2011
The Yarn Bazaar11 - 50Textile ManufacturingIndiaNA
Thorias Software Solutions1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Thoughtsarena Solutions11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2014
Thrymr Software51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Tiemchart 11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Tight The Nut11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Tolexo Online201-500Technology, Information and InternetIndia2014
Toobler51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2008
Toolyt11 - 50UtilitiesIndia2017
Topcubit It Services11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Tophyre11 - 50Human Resources ServicesIndia2015
Tor.Ai Limited51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2013
Torqus Systems11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2012
Touristlink1 - 10HospitalityIndia2011
Trackolap11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Trackometrix1 - 10RetailIndia2016
Tradeboox11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2013
Transtutors51-200Education ManagementIndia2007
Tranzact11 - 50NAIndia2017
Traveosoft1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Traverik1 - 10Consumer ServicesIndia2012
Travog201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Traxroot11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Trifare1 - 10Leisure, Travel & TourismIndia2018
Triggero11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2010
Trilyo11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Tripeur 1,001-5,000Technology, Information and InternetIndia2015
Trst Score11 - 50Human Resources ServicesIndia2021
Truein11 - 50Internet PublishingIndia2018
Trycon11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2013
Turbohire51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2019
Tuteehub Platform11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Typito1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2015
Uc-School51-200Education Administration ProgramsIndia2017
Ukb It Solutions51-200Information Technology and ServicesIndia2012
Ulektz11 - 50Higher EducationIndia2016
Ums Tech Labs11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2012
Umwelt.Ai11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Unbox Social11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2018
U-Net Solutions1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2020
University Living51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2015
Unpaper11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Unpickle Analytic Solutions11 - 50Business Consulting and ServicesIndia2015
Unwired Labs11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Urbanpiper201-500Technology, Information and InternetIndiaNA
Userstory.Io1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2016
Usnatek Security Services1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2012
Ux Business Solutions11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2015
V.A Guru11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2012
V2 Technologies11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2010
Vaave51-200Information Technology and ServicesIndia2008
Vakilsearch201-500Legal ServicesIndia2010
Valuehire1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2011
Vedhas Labs1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Vedic Rishi Astro11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2017
Vedic Rishi Astro11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2017
Veersoft Solutions NAInformation Technology and ServicesIndiaNA
Verloop.Io51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Vevsa Technologies1 - 10Information Technology and ServicesIndiaNA
Vfound1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2019
Vheeds Technology Solutions1 - 10Information Technology and ServicesIndia2010
Vidcentum Technologies1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2009
Videocx.Io51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2015
Vidooly51-200Advertising ServicesIndia2014
Vidupm11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2013
Vienova Education51-200Education Administration ProgramsIndia2008
Vihaan Networks Ltd201-500TelecommunicationsIndia2004
Vinculum Group201-500Technology, Information and InternetIndia2007
Vinmail11 - 50Advertising ServicesIndia2013
Viralmint51-200Advertising ServicesIndia2012
Virtual Console1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2020
Vision Helpdesk11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2005
Visionbot.Com11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2018
Visitdesk1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2018
Visualez51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Vizmo11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2017
Vkaps It Solutions51-200Information Technology and ServicesIndia2010
Vnative1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Voiro11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2014
Voltuswave51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Voris51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2014
Vossle Ai11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2021
Vtiger Crm51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2004
Vunet Systems51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2014
Vwo201-500Technology, Information and InternetIndia2009
Vymo Technologies IndiaNANAIndiaNA
W3Dart11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2019
Waffor Retail Solutions11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Wavefront Technologies1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Wazzeer1 - 10Legal ServicesIndia2015
We360.Ai11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2020
Web School Erp11 - 50Education Administration ProgramsIndia2012
Webdunia201-500IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2000
Webmuch Software11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2010
Wellness Initiative 51-200Wellness and Fitness ServicesIndia2015
Whistledrive201-500Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and StorageIndia2016
Whistletalk1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2012
Whisttler1 - 10Advertising ServicesIndia2018
Whitespace Digital Product Studio1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Wing20 Edulabs1 - 10E-Learning ProvidersIndiaNA
Wingify201-500Technology, Information and InternetIndia2010
Wisehq1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Witty Idiots11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2016
Wiwo Enterprises11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2010
Wizergos11 - 50IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Wiziq201-500E-Learning ProvidersIndia2007
Wmart Online Services1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2009
Wolf Platform11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2006
Wonderpoint Software11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2013
Wooberly11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2016
Workforce Next11 - 50Human Resources ServicesIndia2020
Workrig11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2017
Workxmate Technologies51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2012
Worqhat11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2022
Worxogo51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Wrappixel1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Wreely1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Wrench Solutions51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia1994
Xeler8 InsightsNASoftware DevelopmentIndiaNA
Xeno51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Xgen Plus201-500Software DevelopmentIndia2010
Xlarise Associates1 - 10Business Consulting and ServicesIndiaNA
Xobin Bootcamp11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2017
Xpress.Ooo Solutions1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2015
Yayskool11 - 50Education Administration ProgramsIndia2019
Yippster TechnologiesNAIT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA
Youbotics11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Youbotics11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Yuktix Technologies11 - 50Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics ManufacturingIndia2013
Zeffu11 - 50Retail GroceriesIndia2016
Zeliot51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Zensar Technologies5,001-10,000IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2001
Zepo.In51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2011
Zillious Solutions51-200IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2008
Zimyo51-200Technology, Information and InternetIndia2018
Znbound1 - 10Advertising ServicesIndia2011
Zoho10,001+Software DevelopmentIndiaNA
Zolnoi1 - 10Technology, Information and InternetIndia2021
Zonka Feedback11 - 50Technology, Information and InternetIndia2014
Zopnote1 - 10IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2019
Zoyo Parking1 - 10Software DevelopmentIndia2016
Zup Innovation1,001-5,000IT Services and IT ConsultingIndia2011
Zvesta.Com11 - 50Real EstateIndia2015
Zvolv11 - 50Software DevelopmentIndia2018
Zwayam51-200Software DevelopmentIndia2015
Zykrr The Experience Catalysts11 - 50Information Technology and ServicesIndia2016
Zylog Systems India Ltd1,001-5,000IT Services and IT ConsultingIndiaNA