Ecommerce Marketing

In 2017, around 1.66 billion people worldwide purchase goods or services online.

E-Commerce contributes about 18% retail sales worldwide.

With a huge portfolio of products or services available, ecommerce companies also need to market them appropriately seen there is so much competition in market. Ecommerce marketing help ecommerce store to gain market share at tremendous speed. E-Commerce marketing used to increase brand and product awareness, increase sales fingers rapidly, sustain existing customers, and so on.

There are So many ways to market a Ecommerce Store, few of them are listed below.

Search engine optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): With help of SEO, the product or service page appears on organic search results ensure sustainable relevant traffic to your product or service page.

Display Ads: Placing banner ads about the product or service in popular websites drive potential customer traffic towards the product or service page.

There are so many other channels also available to promote ecommerce business.

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Search Engine Optimisation Bangalore


Pay-Per-Click Marketing: Keyword based search and display ads are pay-per-click ads. This helps to appears product or service at search results above organic results for the relevant keywords. There are some ad types also available like text ad, image ad, product listing ad and so on. This help to drive highly relevant traffic to the targeted product or service listing page, so there will be more chance of conversion. Well-designed Pay-per-click ad campaign generate the most ROI.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing means product or service focused referral from reviews, testimonials, comparisons, etc. to the ecommerce website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing: This marketing option is used to target current, potential and past customers with newsletters, abandoned cart notifications and remarketing. Its increase chances to make sales to an existing customer, also work towards customer retention.