Let us keep things simple. Cold emailing is the process of sending regular emails to people, convincing them to do business with you. Cold emailing is one of the best methods of outbound marketing.

Email is the most influential source of B2B marketing. 59% of B2B SAAS companies close deals using email marketing. After the debut of applications like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, drip, etc, email automation has become much easier. In this blog post, we will be discussing the whats, whys, and how to do effective cold email marketing.

Why are cold emails better than cold calling for B2B?

Cold emails are better than other outbound marketing methods like cold calling, telemarketing, and social media promotions. Here are some reasons why:

You don’t miss out on anything

One big challenge in cold calling is you tend to miss out on things. Having the script opened in front of you can help but, this will make things sound scripted. A scripted pitch can be a turn-off as it kills the natural flow. But when it comes to emails, you can convey every bit of your message in a beautiful way.

You don’t get ignored when leads are busy

Unlike cold calling, you don’t have to worry if the user is ready to listen to your pitch. Because when it comes to emails, people check their mailboxes only when they are ready for reading them emails.

You can track your message delivery

With cold emails, you can find out if the user has opened the email or clicked the Call-to-action (CTA) button. If your user has not clicked the CTA button, you can automatically schedule to resend the email after a few days.

Tips for writing a good cold email

A good subject line

Subject lines create the first impression. The choice of the user to open or ignore the email depends on the subject line. 35% of the email recipients open their emails based on the subject line alone. You have to craft it in a way that the user will feel that your email is going to solve their problems.

It is also important to consider the size of the subject line. It should fit in such a way that the lead should be able to read it completely even before opening the email. Most people check emails using their phones. So the size of the subject line must be optimized for the mobile view as well.

Make a habit of coming up with different subject lines, and compare and optimize them before you get the perfect one. A/B tested subject lines can increase open rates by 49%.

Introduction part should not exceed two lines:

It is important to tell the lead about your company. But it shouldn’t look like a ‘self-bragging’ note. This will make your emails boring besides making them lengthy.


It is true that email marketing involves a lot of automation and bulk contacts. But this should not make your emails generic.

This is a common mistake that most email marketers make. Also, this is the major reason why emails end up being ignored. You have to tailor the emails according to the needs of every customer. You have to make them feel special.

Emails should look as if you are writing them after understanding the pain points that the particular customer is facing.

Use their first name, use the name of the company, specify the problem that they face, and make them understand how relieved they can be after using your solution. According to statistics, using the first name alone has increased the open rate by 22.2%

Keep it short and sweet

Even the people who love reading are not fans of lengthy emails. Proofread your emails a lot of times and try to shorten them as much as possible. You always have to keep your content simple, sharp, and to the point.

Don’t be pushy

Don’t push the customer to sales and keep talking about your products and prices. It will make you look materialistic. Focus on making their lives easier.

Business is about building relationships. Give them information that will be really useful to them. Tell them about the seriousness of the problem to which you have a solution. Give them statistics and numbers, tell them about the reputed companies that you have helped, and show them the results.

But don’t say all this in one email. Instead, make a series of emails and send them one by one, one each day.

Building trust is an art, you have to take it slow and consistently.


Have a call-to-action for every email. This will help you measure the success of every email. You don’t have to push the people to the store page always. You can initially redirect people to your blogs, refer them to useful online material, and help them download an e-book.

Giving them tiny things like this will make them trust you. You can create a good seller persona this way. After all, business is about building relationships.

Beware of email bounces

When you send emails to an outdated or wrong id, it bounces. This is a very common problem when sending bulk emails. You have to always make sure that you have your contacts updated.

If you are buying your leads list, from third-party vendors, make sure that they can address the bounce issues. At Sales Leads Forever help you to build and generate a 95% quality database or leads for your business requirements. If any email sent to their customers has a bounce issue, we immediately replace the contact details with the updated ones. We absolutely do this replacement free of cost.

Beware of SPAM

Just because emails are free, you should not send emails to every possible contact that you have. Because sending emails to the irrelevant crowd will end up in people marking you as SPAM.

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