A screen recorder, a.k.a screencasting software is used to capture the activities of a computer and make a video out of it. Many software comes with in-built features that let you edit the recorded video. Some software also allows live streaming of edited video and direct uploading of video to YouTube and other social media platforms. Check out the list of 10 software that has immensely simplified the process of screen recording.

Free Cam

Free Cam is a simple software that can help you with screen recording, without charging you anything for it. Apart from screen recording, you can also edit the recorded audio/video with the help of an in-built editor. The intuitive features of the software will help you with creating screencasts, without much of a hassle.


  • It leaves no watermarks in the final product, despite the software being free
  • No in-between ads
  • Video quality is top-notch
  • Deletes background noise from the finished product
  • You can add a range of audio effects with this software


This software is compatible with the Windows operating system. This particular software is loaded with features (as many as you would expect from paid software!). In fact, it has so many tools that it is liked mostly by professional users; a person wanting the basic feature of screen recording would find the software way too fancy!


  • It can screen record from many URL-sharing platforms
  • It can import videos files and music files from a different location
  • You can add a custom watermark with the help of this software
  • Create hotkeys and make navigation easier

Filmora Scrn

This is again a paid software that can be used to record fast-paced activities on the screen, along with capturing the video from the webcam. You can also use the in-built video editor and features, to make your video stand out.


  • The software is adept at importing 50 files from various areas
  • The software can be used to export files of a variety of formats
  • The software can be used to record in 4k and HD quality

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If you are an occasional user and do not need much of an editing function then you would like CamStudio. This is quite a lightweight software that is absolutely easy to use. It is an open-source screen recording software and helps you make videos in AVI format. You will be able to convert the video into SWF format from AVI, though.


  • Good for creating small-sized videos/audio
  • Good for making screen-in-screen videos



This software comes in handy when you randomly wish to record a video and share the same on YouTube and social media platforms. It would not be wrong to say that this is one of the easiest software to work with, as far as screen recording is concerned. Ezvid is quite famous amongst movie and gaming fans.


  • You get high-resolution video as the final product
  • You can select a music track of your choice to infuse into your video
  • There is a narrative guide in the form of system-generated speech

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is good for recording videos on screen and then going live with those videos; the best part of it is you can get the final product without any watermark in the background. If you are the kind of gamer who likes to publish your gaming footage, then you would love working with OBS Studio


  • It allows capturing required content even from a microphone and webcam
  • Before streaming your video, you get to choose between various desktop applications & audio sources


This software is developed by Bandicam Company and is quite popular software amongst gamers. This software can even record 3D games that too in 4K UHD resolution. It can also record from external devices like webcam and consoles. If you wish to record only a part of the screen, then even that is possible with Bandicam.


  • While you are recording the video, you can still add text and take screenshots of the video
  • You can also add animation to the video, while the video is getting recorded
  • You can even do a bit of voice mixing with this software


This software possibly has all those basic features that you would need to record a video from a platform and simultaneously edit the recorded video. When you wish to record some how-to videos or tutorials, you can do that easily with ActivePresenter.


  • You can use a plethora of features while editing your video
  • You can start with using the free version of the software and can get the paid version to use more advanced video editing features

Flashback Express

This software comes in handy to make video files from a screen and webcam. You will get a watermark-free output video with this software. If you wish to record the screen across multiple monitors, you can do it with Flashback Express.


  • You can schedule your recordings with this software
  • You can make use of the cursor to highlight a part of the video
  • Through this software, you can directly publish the video to YouTube


Here, we are talking about paid software. However, the software still has more than 10 million users across the globe (Yes, it is quite a popular software!). This software claims that you will be able to record the video, and then edit it in a way that the final product comes out to be extremely polished and professional.


  • You can benefit from video editing features like customizable video intros
  • You can make use of in-built themes to enhance the presentation of your video
  • You can use the trial version of the software for 30 days

Customers’ Exploding Expectations

For retailers or wholesalers, online selling is an incredible platform to onboard customers and have a good reputation because they get all support from the data-enabled digital platform for delivering a great customer experience. But, the biggest of all challenges is unending expectations. Customers expect the next level of experience. Amazon, Flipkart, and many big eCommerce brands are infusing innovations to bring on this kind of experience.

Solutions: Watching what’s in and focusing on personalizing customer experience can prove the best healer of the pain points of customers. Let them feel that they are valuable right from the beginning of their web journey. Notify with the updates of products that they often search for or complimentary ones like:

  • free returns and free shipping
  • reliable customer service
  • a personalized recommendation
  • a variety of payment methods
  • a personalized shopping experiences

Hard to Change

Delivering the next-level experience needs the capability to change over time. Introduce more user-friendly content with season-based reactions. Like “Summer Sale” or “Festival Sale” can be an alternative to attract more customers.

It’s really difficult for any seller to quickly adapt to what customers expect. Certainly, it needs time, money, and effort with the innovative aspects to see existing shipping, inventory, or any other system. But, no change means slow sales. And gradually, your online store won’t survive the challenges of those who have adopted the transition.

Solutions: Incorporating the transition quickly across all platforms and creating personalized collections inspire customers to stay there, purchasing from the same e-store. Transporting fresh content across social media or search engines with selling experience can let you walk on and on, selling things over almost all devices.

Difficulty in Tracking

There are some exceptional situations that often prevent timely shipping or drop shipping. The outbreak of a pandemic or torrential rain or any other calamity creates a shock with postponed delivery dates, as the difficulties are more than ever to continue collecting and dropping couriers. Sometimes, an overwhelming demand may also cause delays, which may disappoint customers.

Solutions: An agile or active tracking system can help you to come out of this trouble. Automating allotting of the order id to track their shipment on their own can be the best solution ever to let them stay connected as a loyal customer. Align a customer support option at the very point where you see they may face a challenge in tracking.

Customer Retention

It’s a big trouble when your customer does not come again for shopping or window shopping on your e-store. However, the internet is practically vast with unlimited shopping sites where making a customer a repeat buyer or regular buyer is hard.

Solutions: Some common big names are successful in retaining them because they have some amazing offers for loyal customers like discounts and custom offers to shop when something new arrives for the first time. They feel special with such offerings and rewards. Or, you can personally send some cashback offers to feel so special.

No “For customer” approach

Personalization is a key to developing a customer relationship. Some smart retailers don’t let even a single opportunity go to let them feel that all deals are “for customers”. But, overpowering personalization is dangerous. It may annoy a customer to such an extent that he unsubscribes from the service.

Solutions: There should have some innovative strategies to assess customers’ requirements. Monitoring and analyzing their web journey can benefit a lot in getting such details. Accordingly, you can send personalized alerts that can actually push them to have at least a look at the products that they are interested in. Get deeply with their behavior to understand where their interest is. If possible, use analytics or advanced analytics tools to automate assessment. This is how you can integrate a “for customer” approach to keep them onboard.


There are a number of challenges that prominent eCommerce stores. Customer satisfaction, retention, unsystematic tracking, and no “for customer” approach may end up in dissatisfaction among the customers. Understanding customers’ pain points and addressing them in time together with for customer approach can help to come across these challenges.

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